A converging stereoscopic microscope with two-step magnifications, ideal for contact lens fitting.

14 mm aperture for fitting contact lenses and identifying corneal foreign bodies.

Illuminated by a LED light source.

Change magnification between 10x and 16x.

Standard filters include a Heat absorbing filter, ND filter, Red-free filter and Cobalt Blue filter are provided.


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Microscope Type Two magnification converging optics
Magnification Change 10x、16x
Total Magnification Eyepieces 10x
Angle between Eyepieces 13°
Pupillary Adjustment 52mm~78mm
Diopter Adjustment +5D~-8D
Field of View 16x(Ø14.5mm),10x(Ø18mm)
Slit Illumination  
Slit Width 0~14mm continuous (slit becomes a circle at 14mm)
Slit Length 1~14mm continuous
Aperture Diameters Ø14mm, Ø10mm, Ø5mm, Ø3mm, Ø2mm, Ø1mm, Ø0.2mm  
Slit Angle 0°~180°
Slit Inclination 5°, 10°, 15°, 20°  
Filters Heat-absorbing filter, Red-free filter, Cobalt Blue filter
Lamp LED light source
Luminance ≥50KLX  
Instrument Base  
Longitudinal Movement 110mm
Lateral Movement 110mm
Vertical Movement 30mm
Fine Base Movement 15mm
Vertical Movement 80m
Power Supply  
Input Voltage 220V/110V~±10%
Input Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption 30VA (max)
Output Voltage Lamp 6V, Fixation 3V
Dimension 740mm x 450mm x 550mm(L/W/H)  
Gross weight 24kg
Net weight 16kg