The applanation tonometer fits tower-style slit lamps from all manufacturers.

Consistent data for monitoring Glaucoma progression

After decades of research and clinical applications, the Goldmann applanation tonometer has endured as the gold standard for tonometry measurement. The MediWorks Tonometer applies Goldmann design and manufacturing methods to deliver accurate, consistent IOP measurements.

A solid mechanical foundation

MediWorks tonometers are assembled by hand and every component checked tight tolerances in weight to ensure its reliable measurements.

Tonometer tips

Add to your ROI with the tonometer’s standard package of three prism tips.

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Range of measurement 0mmHg~ 80mmHg (0 kPa~10.64kPa)
Ring range of movement 1.53x2=3.06mm
Prism diameter 7mm
Dimensions 172mmx80mmx80mm(T Type) 190mmx80mmx80mm(R Type)
Weight 300g (T Type) 480g (R Type)