Masterpieces of imaging for ophthalmologists and optometrists

Eyefficient curates the most cost-effective and efficient ophthalmic equipment from around the world. Our equipment demonstrates that the highest digital and optical quality is compatible with a lower price. How do we know? Doctors tell us. In fact, many doctors switch to Eyefficient to equip their growing practices.

Most doctors say that our quality equals or exceeds name brands at half the price. Think about how much more equipment can fit into your budget!

Schedule an online demo, and you’ll see the highest quality at roughly half the price of the so-called name brands.

After 25 years in the ophthalmic market, we understand the financial pressure you’re under. Reimbursements are dwindling, while COVID-19 is putting a damper on your practice and its growth.

We’re here to help.

Eyefficient is dedicated to representing lines of equipment that are affordable without scrimping on quality or durability. Please see our standards for selecting equipment below.

Must-see imaging systems and diagnostic tools

All Eyefficient products must meet all six of our quality standards.

Low lifetime operating cost
Ergonomic comfort for patient and doctor
Ease of operation
Accuracy of diagnostic results
Highly efficient workflow

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