Select diagnostic devices and equipment for optometry and opthalmology

    Eyefficient - The Source for Select Ophthalmic Equipment

    After 25 years in the ophthalmic market, we understand the financial squeeze on doctors, and your frustrations with equipment and services. So we decided it’s time for a new vision. We call it Eyefficient.

    Eyefficient vigorously pursues top world equipment manufacturers, but offers honest, open consultation that fits the scale of your practice, even if it means forgoing a sale.

    Our goal is not to present all ophthalmic equipment available, but to present what we consider to be the best options.

    Eyefficient is dedicated to representing lines of equipment that are affordable without scrimping on quality or durability. Please see our standards for selecting equipment below.

    The Eyefficient Product Test

    At Eyefficient, we pride ourselves on offering a selected collection of proven ophthalmic products. Our manufacturers are the best in the world; and their diagnostic equipment meets all of our stringent criteria.


    Low lifetime operating cost


    Ergonomic comfort for patient and doctor


    Ease of operation


    Accuracy of diagnostic results


    Highly efficient workflow