Eyefficient is located in Aurora, Ohio, near Clevelanc

At Eyefficient, we specialize in specially curated ophthalmic products that meet the highest quality and ease-of-use standards.

With over 30 years in the ophthalmic market, we understand the challenges and frustrations faced by practices. Eyefficient helps you solve those problems with open and honest consultations, so you choose the best, most efficient equipment designed to fit your practice.

Eyefficient features a collection of proven ophthalmic products, and our manufacturers are among the best in the world. All products are exclusive to Eyefficient in the United States.

Not all instruments are created equal--Eyefficient selects products based on stringent criteria. A great eye care practice is powered by its people, but smart, reliable, and well-made equipment are integral. Technology continues to evolve, so we're continually evaluating the latest advancements to ensure your practice keeps up with the times.

  • Quality. Every piece of equipment in the exam room should be a testament to excellence.
  • Accuracy. Paramount when your reputation is on the line.
  • Ergonomics. We want you to feel as good when you leave the office as when you arrived.
  • Ease of use. Is it easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to integrate with EMR?

Eyefficient is proud to be the North American distributor for Mediworks, a manufacturer committed to providing ophthalmologists and optometrists with the highest quality products, advanced technologies, and superior services. Established in 2004, MediWorks has quickly gained a reputation as one of the most reliable suppliers of ophthalmic diagnostic instruments in the world.

Mark Newkirk, President and CEO of Eyefficient, is a 30-year veteran of the eyecare industry, husband and father, inventor and tinkerer, former Marine and innovative thinker, not necessarily in that order. Considering a new equipment purchase or searching for ways to make your practice more efficient? Talk to Mark, and let’s get started.

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