Retina lenses for a deeper understanding

MediWorks retina lenses 90D, 78D, and 20D offer magnification ratios of .76x, .93x, and 1.13x respectively. Crafted to exacting standards using the highest quality materials, these are the ones you’ll want to keep handy in your pocket.


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  90D 78D 20D
Magnification ratio 0.76x 0.93x 1.13x
Static field of view 7.42˚ - 89˚ 814.4˚ - 97 ˚46˚
Prism working distance (mm) 7.0 8.0 50.0
Clear aperture (mm) 021 026 048
Dimensions (mm) 027 x 13 033  x 15 056 x 20