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YPA-2100 Digital Refractor

YPA-2100 Digital Refractor

Connected with control terminal through built-in WIFI. Includes touch and gesture control terminal.


  • Terminal, through built-in WIF, enables touch and gesture control terminal
  • Real-time Graphical Interface
  • Ultra-thin design. Maximum thickness: 92mm

Control Panel


Sphere lens-29.00D~+26.75D, Step 0.12D/0.25D/1D
 -19.00D~+16.75D(Cross Cylindrical Lens or Prism)
Cylinder lens 0.00D~±8.75D, Step 0.25D/1D
Axis0°~180°,Step 1°/5°
Pupil distance 48mm~82mm(Far)
 49mm~75mm(Near,Working Distance35cm)
Rotary prism0~20Δ,Step 0.1Δ,0.5Δ
Cross cylinder ±0.25D/±0.50D(Auto),±0.50D(Fixed)
Size and weight Refractor 400(W)×92(D)×275(H)mm/3.9kg

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