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SL-Z5 Slit Lamp with Five Drum Magnification

SL-Z5 Slit Lamp with Five Drum Magnification
  • S4OPTIKS SL-Z5 Slit Lamp with Five Drum Magnification
    Powerful, five-drum magnification slit lamp for Ophthalmic exam room.
S4OPTIK Slit Lamp features 5 drum magnifications, and functional design for the ophthalmic exam room
Eyefficient Select
5 magnification options
Ease of operation
Brilliant optics
Crafted in Europe, S4OPTIK slit lamps deliver clear, precise ocular observations. The SL-Z3 Slit Lamp features a compact illumination design with 6, 10, 16, 25 and 40x drum magnification system.

Video ready
The SL-Z5’s parallel optics allows the addition of digital imaging systems for effortless documentation.

Optical Brilliance

Utilizing the latest techniques in multi layered anti-reflective coatings, S4OPTIK slit lamps deliver stunning optical quality allowing clear visualization and depth of field, right down to the smallest detail.

  • Optics deliver a 20% increase in optical transmission and a 10% increase to the depth of field.
  • Comfortable converging binoculars make it easy to fuse images.
  • Standard built-in yellow filter for enhanced cobalt blue visualization

Mechanical excellence

Precision machining and European craftsmanship deliver silk-smooth base movements for seamless positioning and fine detail work.

Quality materials ensure longevity of performance and superior return on your investment.

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