Select diagnostic devices and equipment for optometry and opthalmology

The S4OPTIK 1800-CB Exam Chair and Instrument Stand

The S4OPTIK 1800-CB Exam Chair and Instrument Stand

Manual recline chair and instrument stand conserves exam room space. Power lift with ergonomic design and control location. Affordable with full functionality.

Eyefficient Select
High quality and affordable
Convenient manual recline controls
Powerful and quiet electric actuator lift
Heavy duty construction

Within its 44.8-inch (113.7cm) footprint, the 1800 ophthalmic exam chair and instrument stand provides instrument delivery and patient comfort.

Slit lamp arm

The fully counterbalanced full-function slit lamp arm incorporates a convenient lock/release mechanism.

  • Range of travel 13 inches
  • Counterbalanced up to 60 pounds
  • Adjusts for wheelchair patients.
  • Switch to control height of chair

Overhead halogen lamp

The overhead halogen light complements the unit’s modern appearance.

  • Bright, direct light for general lighting or minor procedures
  • Metal lamp arm construction allows stable, one handed operation
  • Low voltage (12V) for safety

Ergonomic upper refractor arm

  • Ergonomic design for comfortable operation
  • Lock/release lever engages a single lock mechanism in all three dimensions: forward, backward, and vertical).
  • Precise and effortless positioning with vertical range: 12.5”, and counterbalance: up to 20 pounds.

Console includes:

  • Three rechargeable wells for hand instruments
  • Up/down and auto return for chair
  • BIO power source with rheostat
  • Overhead light control with rheostat
  • Main power on/off switching