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Medizs 2013 Smart RK 11 Auto Refractor/Keratometer

Medizs 2013 Smart RK 11 Auto Refractor/Keratometer
  • Auto refracto/keratometer
    Auto refracto/keratometer
The Smart RK 11 Auto Refractor/Keratometer Offers Advanced Ophthalmic Measuring System

Ophthalmic System

Light reflected from the retina and passed through the cornea is divided into six rays, using separation filter and prism, to accurately measure the refractive power of each one.

Automatic Vertical Tracking of the Pupil

The automatic vertical tracking and horizontal movement-inducing functions enable users to find the exact center of a pupil easily and quickly.

Illumination Sensor

Automatically detects the brightness of the room to provide the best environment for examination.

Multi Levels Locking System

Allows users to minutely fasten or loosen the instrument while capturing an image./Patent No. KR 10 – 1111393

Convenient PD Measurement

PD values are instantly and conveniently measured by a PD indicating ruler./Patent No. KR 10-1134108

Gun-type Joystick

The ergonomically designed control has a comfortable grip, allowing quick, accurate measurement of image shooting.

Automatic Chinrest Adjusting Mechanism

Easily adjustable chinrest is button-controlled, and located on the instrument’s body.

Target Brightness Control

An invaluable aid for small pupil measurements, less target brightness makes the small pupil larger, yielding a reliable measurement result.

Effective Management of Examination data

All relevant data are sent directly to the EMR of MEDIZS Application via Bluetooth. EMR system provides effective management of all measurement data efficiency, as well as an enhanced workflow.


Measurement Mode
RK ModeContinuous Refractometry and Keratometry
REF ModeRefractometry
CLBC ModeContact Lens Base Curve Measurement
PK ModePeripheral Keratometry (Curvature of Corneal Periphery)
Size ModePupil Size Measurement
SPH (Sphere power)-30.00 ~ +22.00D (In case of VD=12mm, Step: 0.12/0.25D)
CYL (Cylinder power)0.00 ~ +/-10.00D (Step: 0.12/0.25D)
AXIS1° ~ 180° (Step: 1° )
VD (Vertex Distance)0.0, 10.0, 12.0, 13.5, 15.0
PD (Pupil Distance)10 ~ 85mm
Minimum Pupil Diameter2.0mm
Corneal Power33.00 ~ 67.50D (Step: 0.12/0.25D)
Corneal Astigmatism0.00 ~ -15.00D (Step: 0.12/0.25D)
Radius of Curvature5.0 ~ 10.2mm (Step: 0.01mm)
AXIS1 ~ 180 (Step: 1)
Corneal (Pupil) Diameter2.0 ~ 1300mm (Step : 0.01mm)
Smart RK 11RS – 232 Communication
Storage Memory
Storage MemoryMaximum 10 test results (per L/R eye)
Internal printerThermal line printer
Power saving3 / 5/ 10 min
Internal printerThermal line printer
Monitor6.5inch color TFT LCD (LED Type)
Power supplyAC 100V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption35 ~ 65 VA
Dimension260(W)X570(D)X440(H)mm / 10.2(W)X22.4(D)X17.3(H)inch
Net Weight16kg/35.3lbs


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