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MediWorks C900 Transformer Acuity Chart

MediWorks C900 Transformer Acuity Chart


New with integrated glare testing. Highly functional and easy to use, with a remote control that covers a full range of chart tests.

High-Resolution, Glare Testing, East-to-Use Acuity Chart

Features a full range of specialty charts and optotypes, sensitivity test, and video and audio capability.



Smart Size

As small as 30 cm X 18.5 cm X 2.3 cm, 600g only.


Applicable to monitor up to 24″ (Max) with HDMI/DVI-D interface and VESA

LED Light Glare Sensitivity Test

Designed for driving license examination
Integrated with two LED light on right/left side
Switch on/off  the LED light by remote control

Polarized Charts

Available on optional polarization monitor
Test easily with polarized lenses

Full HD Video Play

Play eye education videos to your patients
Play videos to advertise your optical shop/clinic/hospital

Flexible Working Distance

Range from 2m/6ft~7m/24ft in step of 0.1m/0.5ft

Contrast Sensitivity Test

Gamma calibration bring you the accurate test result
Contrast Sensitivity Graph output

Free Lifetime Software Upgrading

Install updated software by USB disk



Please download the brochure below for detailed specifications

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