Select diagnostic devices and equipment for optometry and opthalmology

Hand-Held Fundus Camera

Hand-Held Fundus Camera

Have Dragonfly, Will Travel.

Have Dragonfly, Will Travel.

MediWorks’ Dragonfly, a hand-held fundus camera, eliminates 20 minutes of patient dilation time with its non-mydriatic technology. Focus. Tap to print and instantly display images on your office monitor.

3.97” Touch screen (do we have resolution?)

You’ll easily view pathology on Dragonfly’s 3.97” touch screen. The touch screen also simplifies viewing images by letting you slide them with your finger. Just like a smartphone

5 Internal fixation targets

The Dragonfly provides 5 internal fixation targets to in patient alignment to capture various angles of the eye’s anatomy. Targets offer views of different angles in the retina’s central and peripheral areas.

45 ̊ Visual Field

The 45° visual field enable doctors to check the critical areas of the retina. The visual field angle meets requirements from doctors for primary retina screening.

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