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1600-ST Instrument Stand

1600-ST Instrument Stand

The 1600-ST S4OPTIK instrument stand is equipped with an instrument console for handhelds, and a slit lamp and upper refractor arm

Eyefficient Select
Functional instrument console
Precision counterbalanced refractor and slit lamp arms
Advanced engineering and construction
Contemporary design
Instrument console

The console is equipped with three recharging wells and also features a raise/lower switch for chair control, rheostat for overhead light intensity control and main on/off switch.

Intelligent slit lamp arm

  • Fully counterbalanced arm
  • Lock/release mechanism conveniently located at your fingertips.
  • A 13-inch range of travel and counter balance up to 60 pounds
  • Accommodates all wheelchair patients.
  • Chair up/down switch located on the front of the arm

Ergonomic upper refractor arm

  • Engineered with natural, and comfortable hand movements in mind, the lock/release lever engages a single lock mechanism in forward, backward or vertical directions.
  • A 12.5-inch vertical range
  • Counterbalances up to 20 pounds to ensure precise and effortless positioning.

Optional Third Instrument Arm

  • Same ergonomically designed locking mechanism as the refractor arm Vertical range of 12.5”
  • Counterbalanced to accommodate instruments up to 30 pounds

Overhead halogen light

The overhead halogen light complements the unit’s modern appearance.

  • Bright, direct light for general lighting or minor procedures
  • Metal lamp arm construction allows stable, one handed operation
  • Low voltage (12V) for safety

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