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Serving the ophthalmic industry for 40 years, Accutome supplies quality products and innovation to the field. Since developing the first ophthalmic pachymeter, Accutome holds the industry standard in its development of the products we feature: A-Scan Plus®, B-Scan Plus®, UBM Plus®, PachPen®, and AccuPen® handheld tonometer.
Accutome’s growth has been driven by product development and services. New product recommendations come from the surgeons, technicians, and nurses that Accutome works with on a daily basis. Today, after 25 years of growth in products and services, Accutome has forged strategic partnerships and a worldwide presence in the ophthalmic market. While the annual sales and number of employees reflect a growing and sophisticated medical manufacturing company, Accutome works hard to maintain a small company teamwork style for its customers.

Our products:

AccuPen Handheld Applanation Tonomter, for patient IOP screening.
PachPen Handheld Pachymeter, ergonomically designed and equipped with Accutome’s Digital Signal Analysis, which will eliminate non-perpendicular measurements on the cornea.
A-Scan Plus Connect, designed to meet the demands of today’s refractive cataract surgery, and the single most effective solution for measuring and calculating all of your patients and refining your surgical outcomes.
The B-Scan Plus’ proprietary software, combined with unique probe electronics, make it the only portable High Definition B-Scan.
UMB Plus, a high-definition tool for anterior segment imaging, plugs directly into a laptop or desktop computer. The all-in-one probe design to eliminate signal loss and provide sharpest images possible.

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