The fundus camera rests in a cradle next to the monitor.


Better images from a millisecond response

Operating millisecond speed, split focusing technology freezes the image, eliminating focus issues from any patient movement.

User-friendly design

To trigger the millisecond image capture, you'll press the shooting button, and see a preview of the fundus image. Then Dragonfly takes over to engage the autofocus. The FC161 locks on to the fundus, maintaining the focal point even in low-contrast environments.

Why the Dragonfly is perfect for your practice

High Resolution

FC161 provides high-resolution fundus images of up to 12 Mega Pixels. The image quality facilitates the diagnosis of early lesions and diagnosing retina diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.


The minimum pupil diameter of FC161 is φ3.0mm, which cuts the patient's wait by 20 minutes, and avoids the risk of mydriasis.

9 Fixation Targets

FC161 covers an 85° field and supports examining of early peripheral lesions of the fundus. The Dragonfly's 45 ° field of view allows you to create a single central fundus image that meets your diagnostic needs.

Smart Touch Operation

4.3〃 full-touch LED screen brings a smarter and smoother exam experience. Doctors can zoom the image to check the fundus and easily slide the screen to edit and view the case.

Real-time Uploading

FC161 supports real-time synchronization between fundus images and Mediview Patient Management software through a WIFI connection.


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FC161 Fundus Camera  
Type Non-mydriatic
Field of view 45 degrees
Camera sensor resolution 1.2M Pixels
Fixation target 9x LED, Internal
Minimum pupil size 3mm
Illumination White LED and infrared LED
Focusing Manual/Automatic
Focus range -20D~+20D
Display 4.3” touch screen
Image format JPEG  (photograph), 3GP (video)
Types of image Color

Micro SD card. Maximum 32G

Data connectivity


Power Supply Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 3.7v
Typical working time 6 hours
Charging station


Power adaptor 5v DC, 2A


Weight 800g

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